Make Sure Your Wichita Home’s A/C Efficiency Is Up to Snuff

Your home uses up to 50 percent of its energy on your heating and cooling systems. Making sure your home A/C efficiency is at its best by effectively maintaining your HVAC equipment can not only show a savings on your monthly energy bills, but it can also greatly improve home comfort.

How to improve home A/C efficiency

  • Regularly change your air filter – Air filters must be checked on a monthly basis and changed or cleaned at least every three months. Dirty filters will slow down your system’s airflow, straining your system and reducing your home A/C efficiency. This leads to costly repairs and at worst, drastically reduces your system’s life.

  • Annual HVAC tune-up – It’s very important to schedule annual service for your HVAC equipment to ensure that your system is running optimally. Annual maintenance should be carried out by a trusted and qualified HVAC technician.

  • Seal your ducts – Leaky ducts can seep conditioned air and waste energy, but sealing and insulating can help avoid this and improve your home A/C efficiency by up to 20 percent. Check your ducts and seal them using sealant or metal-backed tape, then wrap them in insulation.

  • Install a programmable thermostat – Programmable thermostats are a proven way of saving money on your energy bills. These devices are ideal if you’re away from home at set times during the day, allowing you to reduce energy usage for maximum savings.

Looking at new equipment? Choose Energy Star

If you decide that installing new HVAC equipment is the best option for you, be sure to choose a unit that proudly displays the Energy Star label. This government program focuses on energy efficiency in your home. But remember, any new equipment should be installed by a professional to ensure optimal operation, since poorly installed units can use more energy.

For more information or advice on your home A/C efficiency in the Wichita and Derby area, contact the experts at Kansas Controls Heating & Cooling today.

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