Ductless Systems

Mitsubishi HVAC Equipment

mitsubishi hvac equipmentMitsubishi Electric HVAC comfort systems use refrigerant lines, plus power and control wiring, to connect the outdoor unit to the individual indoor air handlers. The technology, developed after World War II, is called split-ductless and is the primary method for conditioning spaces within a home or commercial building in countries around the world. Split-ductless systems allow each space with an indoor air-handler unit to be controlled independently from other rooms within a home providing individualized comfort control.

Mitsubishi Electric utilizes advanced technology to bring you quality products that provide the ultimate in comfort control. Components of the systems include:

  • INVERTER-driven compressors
  • Standard and enhanced filtration systems
  • Hot-Start technology
  • i-See™ Sensor for precise temperature
  • Hand-held wireless, or optional wall-mounted wired, remote controllers

With Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating you’ll discover comfort without compromise. Beyond simply regulating the temperature within your space, individual room controls allow you to improve the efficiency of your entire home.

Whether renovating your home or building a new one, in a hot or cold climate, you can end the struggle of cost vs. comfort: use only the exact amount of energy needed to maintain comfort. With a wide range of ENERGY STAR® qualified, whisper-quiet indoor systems delivering allergen filtration that actually cleans the air, Mitsubishi Electric systems are the right choice for your home comfort needs.

With these and other technologies the Mitsubishi comfort systems provide energy efficient, quiet and environmentally friendly solutions for your home’s comfort needs.

We are proud to be a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor.

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